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Wander Wallet

Wander Wallet

Finally, your travel companion which has the looks and the smarts. Enter your expenses in no time, share your trips with friends or family and stay on top of your budget.

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Expense Form
Optimized for speed

Optimized for speed

Entering expenses can get tedious and we know that. This is why we've designed Wander Wallet to get out of your way quickly. It's intuitive, it's optimized for thumbability, even on big screens. And boy, does it look gorgeous.

Syncs automatically
Made to share

Made to share

Traveling is about sharing. Memories, food, fun. Now you'll be able to stay on the same page financially. Wander Wallet let's you invite up to 3 friends and keeps your expenses in sync automatically. This is what true travel companionship looks like.

Category Breakdown
Designed to give insights

Designed to give insights

Wander Wallet let's you know where your money goes. Compare and contrast your spendings across countries and categories. This will help you become the best travel planner you can be, regardless of whether you're a digital nomad or simply spending your summer holidays. Don't forget to have fun though, we've heard that travel OCD can be a thing.

Ready for your travels

Budget List

Build your itinerary

Enjoy the anticipation of future travels or reminisce over past journeys.

Multiple Currencies

Switch currencies

Enter expenses in your home or local currency with support for over 160 currencies.

User-defined Payment Methods

Pay as you like

Model your physical accounts as payment methods. Credit Cards, Paypal, Bitcoin, you name it.

See your expenses on a map

Built to be memorable

Our map let's you see the trail of expenses you've left behind on your journey. This makes it easy to remember the experiences your money did buy you. Nostalgia is potent.

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Get yourself over to the App Store and download Wander Wallet. It's free for the first 25 expenses so you can give it a whirl without cutting into your travel budget.

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What you may be wondering…


Do I need an internet connection while using the app?

No, you can track your expenses without being online. Certain features however do need an internet connection. To sync, create trips, invite participants and update exchange rates you'll need to go online.

How much does the sync cost?

The sync is currently in beta and you can use it free of charge during that time. After the beta period we will charge a small monthly fee. Before doing so, we will give you a heads up.

Why did you make this app?

My girlfriend and I had been travelling for 12 months and spent way to much in the first 3 months in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong. Unfortunately there hasn't been an app where we both could track our expenses from our individual phones. Luckily there is now.